You’ve got to know your child!!

“A wide ocean of possibilities lies before your child, but there is nothing simple about the journey to adulthood. Will you be there to guide and protect your child from the dangers along the way? It all begins with knowing your child.” ~Lance Wubbels and Mac Anderson

From time to time parents need to be reminded of the tremendous influence they have on their children.  And, to meet these responsibilities for guiding and protecting your child, you will need to know your child – really know your child!   If asked questions about your child, would you be able to answer all of them?  And it’s equally important that your child know you!  If asked questions about you, would your child be able to answer them?  Know your child, and let your child know you, so that you’ll be positioned to assist your child in this journey from childhood to a successful and satisfying adulthood!  Much of your child’s success in life will stem directly from the relationship that your child has with you!

So, very early on in your child’s life, we can examine some of the things you can share with your children, and as you share, you’ll also learn some valuable lessons!  Let me start a four part discussion with you on things you can do with your child so that each of you learns about living life (from ‘Sandbox Wisdom’ by Tom Asacker!

1) SHARE FUN, LAUGHTER AND ENTHUSIASM!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take some of those qualities with you into adulthood?  And, as you continue to Share Fun, to Laugh often and heartily, and to demonstrate Enthusiasm for life and all that this includes, you’ll teach the child valuable lessons in handling the ‘rough patches which will show up later in life!

2) More when we meet again!


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