“Well, Good! I’m Smarter Now!”

Yes, our children are going to make mistakes and have accidents!  They spill, they drop things, they mess things up, they say things they don’t mean, they sometimes seem to be ‘an accident waiting to happen’!  And, yes, we make mistakes and have accidents as well.  Let’s take a look at these potentially harmful situations to see how we might handle them in such a way that we enhance the child’s growth and development and help them face their mistakes and accidents in the future.

You, Mom and Dad, have much influence over your children – much more than you might think!  These kids are watching you and in some secret way coming to determine their lives based on what they’ve gleaned from your reactions – your behavior. So, when you make a mistake or have an accident, how do you handle these things?  Do you explode with anger?  Do you punish yourself unreasonably?  Do you blame others, conditions, situations??  Does your response result in growth and maturity?

Question:  Have you learned from a mistake or an accident?  Have you at least learned to avoid things which brought forth that result so that you don’t need to repeat it over and over again?

What if you could condition yourself to remain calm during these mishaps and say to yourself: “Well, Good!  I’m smarter now!”  If your child could see this in your behavior, he/she might adopt that for their own mental well-being.  And, when children apply this, they will not try to hide accidents or mistakes from you or from anyone (including themselves through denial), and they can learn from their mistakes and find ways to correct them!  Through the years we worked with our kids to ‘ . . . always tell us the truth . . ‘ even if at times they feared what might happen.  At the same time, we resolved that we would turn all mistakes and accidents into learning experiences.  I remember the day when Jamie was little and hitting a tennis ball against the garage doors – doors with four panes of glass each (there were three doors)!  When I said that he could break one of those glass panes, he assured me that he wouldn’t do that!  Well, you know the rest of the story – he punched one ball  right through one window scattering glass all over the inside of the garage.  He  told me about it immediately and together we cleaned up the glass, and he took about $4.00 out of his savings to buy a new glass pane and we put it in together!  I learned; he learned; and we had one pane of glass that was so very clean and new!

Think about that:  “Well, Good!  I’m Smarter Now!”


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