Every day I receive a message sent forth from the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio written by the Pulpit Pastor of the Church, Max Lucado!  I thought this message would be important for all parents who read this:

“Love is patient.”  I Corinthians 13:4)

The Greek word used here for patient . . . means “taking a long time to boil.”

Think about a pot of boiling water . . . Water boils quickly when the flame is high. It boils slowly when the flame is low. Patience “keeps the burner down.”

Patience isn’t naive. It doesn’t ignore misbehavior. It just keeps the flame low. It waits. It listens . . . This is how God treats us. And, according to Jesus, this is how we should treat others.

As a parent, I believe we must be patient with our children – all of our children – as well as our pets, our neighbors, all forms of living things (even our plants, sometimes)!  Don’t you know that we must also learn to be patient with many things in our lives which may be beyond our control – like other drivers on the road while just driving around, for example! -like other shoppers in the supermarkets! -like our neighbors who sometimes irritate us (and remember who their neighbors are!).

Yes, Love is Patient!


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